Things you need to know for SAS 2nd National Convention 2022 / 2023 :

1)  Registration is required. Wristbands will be provided for different packages to be worn throughout the convention; they will be required to access food and activities venues.

2) There will be two main meals (Brunch 10am-12pm and dinner at 7PM), in addition to mid-day light-bites.

3) A group, private babysitting service is available for purchases under events activities.

4) We didn’t hire special kids care to minimize cost on our guest, if you wish to have a private babysitter, we suggest

5) Children, Juniors, and Young Adults will be with us during the dinner/party time as our goal is to keep our next generation connected with our traditions, however we will have an area next to us during the nights for kids to play.

6) We have a variety of ticketed Young Adult (18-35 YO) outings  under Event activities.

7) For Mate mingle, we will have the Mate and heaters, bring your glass and bombilla (bombija).

8) Dress code: For most of the event, dress code is casual. Friday is traditional night, please bring with traditional clothing if you have. New Year’s Eve Party on Saturday is formal attire

9) Bringing our families together can come with challenges. If you face any issues, please raise them to the Convention Team courteously and they will do their best to address them.

10) Lastly, our community has been blessed with more than 30 volunteers working tirelessly for more than 3 months to make this convention possible. Please take the chance to thank them when possible.; this is only way we can encourage more volunteers to continue serving our larger Swaida family in such gatherings.

We believe we are all one big family, and your help and cooperation are essential to make this convention the most joyful experience for all. 


SAS 2nd National Convention-Houston Team

General Event Information

Welcome to SAS 2nd National Convention in Houston, TX. We are thrilled to bring our larger Swaida family closer, in iconic Houston, TX. Through this event, we aim to reflect our heritage as a spontaneous, casual, and loving community, conducted in an organized fashion to assure the best experience for all.

Hotel Reservations:

Group rate is $109 + tax for Standard 1 King or 2 Double and available at  Hotel parking is available at $15/day for overnight parking and $10 for event parking, directly through the hotel.

Travel information:

The Hotel is located  2222 WestLoop South Houston, Texas 77027, about 30 minutes from either major Houston airport, George Bush International Airport, or William P. Hobby Airport

Dress code:

Casual Except for the formal dinner party on Saturday 12.31.2022, the dress code is casual throughout

Tickets Reservation :

To assure maximum availability to attendees, early-bird registration will be made for full-package first until Nov 27th, 2022. After that,  individual days reservations will be opened based on availability.  The website has a limit of 20 tickets per order. Please let us know if you register and found that the tickets are sold out; we will add you to the waiting list in case of last-minute availability due to cancelations.

Cancelation Policy :

Tickets are refundable at 75% of value through Nov 30th, 2022 and at 50% of value between Nov 30th through Dec 18th, 2022. We would not be able to process any cancelations beyond Dec 15th, 2022. Guests might opt to transfer tickets at full value to other attendees with prior notifications by emailing

For COVID-19 related cancellations please see below.

COVID-19 and General Safety Policy

We are committed to follow all regulations to assure your safety. To assure that, we implemented these policies in compliance with general CDC guidelines and Texas COVID-19 regulations effective during the event timeframe. In summary:

  • Full vaccination is recommended.
  • Please stay home, for full refund (hotel cancelation is free up to 72 hours of the event) if you have tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting for COVID-19 test results, have COVID-19 symptoms . Proof of positive test is required for processing refunds.
  • We will provide hand sanitization
  • Following regulations, temperature checks before each activity will be performed; full refund will be issued for individuals with temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or more.
  • Children and minors must be attended by adults at all times.